Distilled Noise

Francesco Tegazzin, known by his artistic persona Distilled Noise, has explored diverse genres before discovering his true passion for the infectious rhythms of house and minimal grooves. Over the past many years, he has become a beacon in the music production community, sharing his artistic evolution through an engaging YouTube channel.

Indeed, Francesco is not just a maestro in crafting beats but also an inspiring mentor for countless emerging talents. His channel serves as a rich tapestry, weaving together the threads of his musical journey, offering invaluable insights, and nurturing the creative spirit of aspiring producers.

Besides, he has etched his sonic signature onto both digital and vinyl platforms, earning acclaim and endorsement from the elite DJs of the scene. However, his impact transcends mere recordings; he brings his melodic prowess to life in clubs across Italy and Europe. In these vibrant settings, his sets are a harmonious blend of minimalistic allure and the infectious beats of old-school house and tech-house, captivating audiences with every groove.