Lost Desert

In a place of seclusion, a man sat in his studio, which he considered a sanctuary. Having travelled extensively, he had been exposed to a variety of landscapes, which had been weathered by time. Through his time alone, he had honed his craft, creating unique soundscapes.

During his travels, the man listened attentively to his surroundings, absorbing and capturing the various noises and vibrations that he encountered. He was fascinated by the fact that music could be found in almost everything, from the sweeping of grains of sand against the salt pillars of the White desert to the return of birds from the skies above inner cities. These sounds served as inspiration for him, becoming textures and details in each of his musical expressions.

By blending these sounds together, he created a mystical and magical experience, which painted vivid pictures in the minds of his listeners. Lost Desert, a destination that is full of enigma and mystery, serves as a canvas for his artistic expressions. It is a place that is sure to enchant and captivate those who have the opportunity to explore its depths.