Nu Zau

Nu Zau is a highly regarded producer and DJ from Romania’s thriving electronic music scene, drawing inspiration from renowned artists such as Ricardo Villalobos, Rhadoo, and Thomas Melchior, among others. His contributions to the scene have earned him a position as one of the leading figures in recent years. Nu Zau, along with his Satya colleague Sepp, co-owns the Uvar label, which exclusively releases vinyl records.

Nu Zau’s unique production style has garnered worldwide acclaim, and his releases are highly anticipated by fans and critics alike. His talent and ingenuity have established him as a rising star in the electronic music industry. Nu Zau’s innovative approach to music production sets him apart from his contemporaries, and his contributions have earned him a reputation as someone to watch.

With a strong focus on vinyl releases, Nu Zau’s music is characterized by a deep and hypnotic sound that has garnered him a loyal following. His dedication to quality and authenticity has resonated with fans of the genre, and his music continues to push boundaries in the electronic music scene.