Julia Udovenko

Julia is a passionate and restless seeker of wisdom, knowledge and truth, who is always looking to go deeper within. She was born and raised in Koenigsberg, Russia. At 20, she embarked on her journey in the bustling urban landscape of New York City, and two decades later, she exchanged it for the tranquil beauty of Tuscany, Italy.

Over the past twenty years, her career has spanned both the public and private sectors, from governmental organizations like Unified Court System of NYS and international corporations like Estée Lauder to small businesses and startups like Le Labo. Through these experiences, she has learnt the importance of emotional intelligence in action, whilst also weaving in creativity and spontaneity to all aspects of her life.
Over the years, driven by her love of travel, Julia has been fortunate enough to fulfill her quests for spiritual guidance in the Amazonian jungles, Himalayan mountains and South African prairies. These transformative experiences inevitably led to a need to focus more on what was calling to her, ultimately leading her to intertwine and resonate with Satya.

Julia possesses degrees in History and International Criminal Justice; Certificates in Forensic and Financial Accounting; and Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence. She has also trained in NVC, NLP, TRE, Water flow, Hologenetics and Breath Work.